Thursday, August 20, 2009


In the midst of the Monday paper chase I needed to call our pediatrician. We need to have a medical form filled out for both our girls saying they are in good health. We just so happened to have a well check-up for our youngest (soon to be middle) daughter, scheduled for Friday August 21st. Imagine that...fingerprints. I was calling to first give them a heads up on the form and that I was bringing a notary. I was also hoping that they would "fit" our oldest daughter in at the same time. So I go through my conversation explaining what we need and why and they say,"Our next opening is on October 20th." Ummm, okay, I'm thinking fast and working to be appropriate. I respond,"that is not going to work. We need this done ASAP." And I go on to use all my buzz words such as 2 months preemie, special needs, expedited process, etc. She is silently looking and I am trying to breath and praying like crazy. Then I hear exactly what I was looking for,"How about Tuesday August 24th?" In my most thankful voice I said,"That will work, put us down." Whew!

So we will have managed to get all our medical forms done in an 8 day period! Yay God!

Once we had everything collected, including our youngest from kindergarten, we decided to take it to our agency, Chrysalis House, just because we could, it would show them again that we are on top of things and it also made sure nothing happened to it before Saturday. We walked in and handed them our next stack of paperwork, they were surprised and happy. As they were recording they received everything they were looking at the computer screen and all of a sudden both of the ladies jaws dropped.

Them-in disbelief," fingerprints." As they are staring at the monitor. "It...took...1 hour and 41 minutes. That's unheard of"

FINGERPRINTS!!!!!! (In more ways than one)

At the same time they received another clients prints that had been holding up their home study for 3-4 MONTHS! MONTHS!

We felt soooo blessed and stunned ourselves.

The rest of our day consisted of organizing and cleaning the house guessed it...more paperwork.

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