Friday, August 28, 2009

Is this really happening?

Thursday I was working on locating how to request a form that is related to our fingerprints. I took a deep breath as I was about to dive into, what seemed, like a bottomless pit of the automated telephone options on the other side of the government phone number I was about to dial. Okay, here I go..................If this then press 2, and then on I went to press 3, and 2 and 1 and 3 and 2 and 1 and then it was a dead end so I decided to press 0. I had been writing down my path just in case I ever needed to get back here. The phone actually rang and a live person answered! I explained what I was looking for and he knew the answer but wanted to make sure. He forwarded me to another live person! This guy was the most helpful government worker I have ever spoken to on the phone! (I'm not saying there are not others out there, my husband is also a government worker. This is just from my experience.) I was shocked at the great service I was receiving. He was patient, calm, helpful, apologetic for any wait time and double checking himself with the info he was providing me. He walked me through the website to find the forms I needed and then made sure I had them filled out correctly! He explained exactly what the letter we needed would look like and the precautions they take with Foreign Adoption requests so that the letter is as acceptable as possible to other countries. He also explained the 1-8 week wait time and reassured me that when these forms come in they do them the same day and get them back out. He then gave me his personal desk phone number and said to call him once our prints were done and he would look for it and get it back out to us. WOW! I then thanked him, asked for his name and the name and number of his boss so I could express my gratitude for the incredible service I had just received. He supplied me with the info and I made the call immediately. I had to leave a message so I made it a long one and left my contact info so I could be reached. I totally consider this to be answers to prayers from so many of you who are praying for things to go smooth and quick. Thank you sooo much!

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