Monday, August 24, 2009

An unexpected call and God's humor

Do you know those days where something good or something not so great happens in every aspect of your day whether it be with family members, your home, your work, etc. You are watching your day pinball between the good, bad and ugly hoping it will end with the good. Friday was one of those days. I was working to focus on the good since it's great and trying to not let the rest bother me. Needless to say I was emotionally spent and needed a nap that was not going to happen.

In the midst on the difficulties the phone rang. I actually don't really know why I answered it...long distance I don't know...busy cleaning up a situation...but I answered. To my surprise it was the Executive Director of Chrysalis House, our Fresno agency. I was totally caught off guard and trying to process what was happening. I collected myself and was able to form coherent sentences. He was calling to welcome us to the agency and chat about our son a bit. We spent a good amount of time going over the information they know about Samuel and his possible needs. Both agencies wanted to make sure we were informed and thinking about what kind of services we would need to pursue once he is ours and home in the US. There were no surprises and nothing that would change our decision. I then also shared the resources within our family, friends and community that would be available to us upon Samuel's arrival. The Directors response was, "Wow! We wanted to make sure you were ready with a team when you return home...sounds like you have an army waiting." Yep, we sure do. He then also expressed their commitment to our case and how excited they were to be working with us. We feel the same about them. They have been a wonderful agency to work with as well.

So soon after the call the pinball shot back into a difficult area. I immediately called in some prayer support. Today was a day that needed extra prayer for sure. Once my distress signal was heard I went back to the task at hand...frosting 6 dozen cupcakes for 2 separate parties. I was going through the motions of completing the task at hand while processing the days events when my eyes were opened. I was frosting cupcakes for our friends birthday. He wanted cupcakes frosted yellow with happy faces on them made out of candy. All of a sudden as I am mentally reaching deep to find my content, peaceful place, I look at the table below me and I have over a dozen happy faces staring at me. How could I not smile? I got the message found my peaceful place and pressed on with the days tasks. Thankfully the rest of the day was fine, all the tasks were complete and I slept good that night. In the midst of this wonderfully exciting and crazy season of life it's so comforting to be able to see God in the details whether they are big, small or frosting.

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