Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lots of sharing

We woke up and realized this is our first Sunday at church since we have announced our plans through calls, facebook and e-mails. Oh, my, be ready with our story. It has been so quick and so filled with God's guiding it has to be told...there's just so much in such a short time. Not one detail can be completely appreciated with out the others. God has moved so swiftly and clearly. Wow! We soon figured out how to say things in "bullet point" format and tried to tell several people at once. While at church we also secured a notary to go with Randy to his appointment. Woo Hoo! The morning was exhausting and given we are running on adrenaline and our hearts are jumping with joy it was emotional on many levels.

After church I had the opportunity to go to a baby shower of a friend of ours. This is especially exciting because they are an adoptive family as well. They are leaving in a couple of weeks to go pick up their some from Ethiopia too! Soooo cool. Our boys are going to be friends. It was an honor to share this special time with her. The afternoon was filled with blessing her in this new adventure, eating some wonderful Ethiopian food and helping her fill her nursery with all the essentials a new mommy needs. We had a great time!

Once I was leaving I was planning in my head what was next. I had a friend who was planning to come help me organize our home but I talked with her and she was not feeling well. So we were going to reschedule for later in the week. I needed to make sure we prepared for the first day of school. I needed to remember that we needed to take them to school in the morning. Thankfully Randy had the day off so we should be okay with this. As I was pulling into the neighborhood I received a text from Randy, "Bio and financial done" Once home I concluded that I need to finish paperwork too and then start working on organizing the house. I also had some time slated to hang out with the girls and prep for school.

Randy went out to get a few things from the hardware store. While he was gone I wanted to finish my paperwork to surprise him. I also made a call to our doctors 24hr nurse service in hopes of making an appointment. A very nice lady answered and I explained our situation and how we needed to get this form filled out quickly. She looked and said,"How about Tuesday at 10am?" My jaw dropped and I was stunned. Through my stuttering in excitement I was able to say,"Yes! I'll take it!" Usually it takes days or weeks to get in....more fingerprints. Once he returned I met him and shared all I had accomplished and the incredible news about my appointment time. Now I just needed to find a notary to go with me.

We now began our nightly routine...get the girls clean and ready for school, lay out clothes and shoes for the next day, read books, tuck them in guessed it....more paperwork. Yes, there is more! We sat down and prepped all the paperwork for the following day. All the applications and forms needed to get everything done and on the way. Whew!

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