Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God's fingerprints and the race began...

For the next week we processed the idea of pursuing Samuel, discussing with each other and researching information. We were praying, fasting and waiting as we continued to search. Samuel continued to be on our hearts. One of our concerns was how the girls would handle this. At this point all our conversations were after bedtime so our girls super sonic ears would be least likely to hear. To our amazement we began to see a change in our daughters. All of a sudden the girls were enjoying reading books in the room they would both be sharing if this happens. Hmmm. Then they decided they would like to have a sleepover in that room as well. Hmmm. We knew at that moment we were seeing God's fingerprints in this situation. So we encouraged them to enjoy their books and we tried a sleepover while it was still summer and school days would not interrupt these opportunities. The books still go over well and the sleepover would of been fine if we actually had a second bed in the room. So we were quite encouraged.

We also had set a family dinner date with some close friends who have adopted so we could talk about it. We met with them on a Saturday night. Our time with them was really good, we asked questions, processed some more and learned about the different agencies available to us in the area. We went away from our time together deciding to go to an informational meeting with an agency called Chrysalis House, Inc. (CHI) to start. Once we were home and the girls were in bed we jumped on the computer. We learned that there was an informational meeting on Tuesday night, 3 days away, and there was not another one scheduled at that time.

At this point, I was teetering on the edge of shooting my heart across the world at any moment. I was working to not let my heart go until Randy and I were in agreement that this is what we are being lead to do. I knew it took a split second to shoot my heart away and months to go get it back.

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