Monday, August 24, 2009

God's faithfulness

So you know how there are things in life you pray for and wait and wait and may not feel like any answers are coming. I've had one thing in particular like this. I haven't been focusing on it, just praying here and there and waiting or forgetting for the moment or putting it on the back burner. Well, on Sunday morning out of the blue, no warning, my prayer was answered after 3 years. I never saw it coming. I'm writing this to show how faithful God is even when we push our own prayers aside. He's heard and he has not forgotten. I am so thankful. In the midst of the adoption busyness God's also bringing things together for my own needs as well. So cool!

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The Gilmores said...

That's encouraging to hear, Monica. Praying with you for all your needs in this new journey!