Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have Oxygen and a blood pressure

Tuesday Randy woke up at O'O' dark thirty to go have lab work done and be on the way to work by O' dark thirty.

Today I also have my physical appointment. I pick up our notary, who is Awesome, and we head out to the appointment. As we are driving I am sharing our story with her since the blog had not been started yet. This was also the first day I left both girls at school and I was by myself, quite an adjustment. I was experiencing a wide range of emotions at this point. As we wait we talk some more and it is just so hard to contain my excitement. We get called back and they do the normal vital signs or at least they tried. The nurse went to take my blood pressure and it would not take. I sat there for at least 7 minutes while the machine tried over and over to find my BP. I was trying very hard to calm down and breath easy. Then she said, "Let's see if you have oxygen."....Nope, no BP and no oxygen. Finally she gave up and said,"Let's go do it manually, my ears have to work." At this point she is baffled. So she does it manually and thankfully my BP was within the normal range. I am quite positive that it was through the roof and God knew it needed some time to come down. Whew! Passed another test.

The remainder of the day I worked on getting the blog up, continued organizing and we worked on the application to CCI, our international agency.

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