Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seven Weeks and WOW!

I continued to pray for Samuel and had surrendered the "are we the forever family" portion of the prayer. I knew I was supposed to pray and ask my friends to pray. In the meantime I happened to begin the Esther bible study by Beth Moore, Esther was an orphan, and seek God's will and purpose for my life in general. I was looking ahead at the Fall semester coming quickly and praying to know what to add to the schedule and what not too. We were also getting little updates from aunts and cousins who had talked to them and hearing tidbits here and there. With every tidbit my heart began to ache a bit more.

Mid-July we received an update on Samuel. He was going through medical testing and we were again praying for God's will in it all. Around the same time we also received a newsletter from my cousins that included another picture. As I saw him and again my heart ached for him. Then one evening out of the blue Randy and I happened to be sitting at the table together and he said, "So what do you think about baby Samuel?" What? Did I just hear that? I responded with,"I prayed you would bring it up." His look was priceless. This was not quite what Randy was expecting. I took a deep breath, trying to not get too excited, and shared that I ache for him and feel like he is ours. WOW!

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