Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One year ago today...

we layed eyes on this precious picture of baby Samuel, a.k.a. baby Coffee

and we prayed

and we asked you all to pray

One year later...

Micah Paul Coombs is a miracle!

Thank you all for praying!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If You Give Micah a Mouse

If You Give Micah a Mouse

He's gonna want to snuggle.

Snuggling with soft things is one of Micah's joys in life.

Micah has brought immeasureable JOY to our family.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Memorable Monday

Yesterday was a Monday for the record books. I woke up knowing we had way too much to do that was mandatory and hoping the finely executed packed schedule would avoid a traditional "Monday" kind of day. All I can say was that it was memorable for sure (and successful).

The house was humming by 7am with the girls prepping for their last Monday of the school year. Micah woke up around 7:20. I swooped him into his feeding seat as a waiting place while I finished getting ready real quick. Usually we start heading to the van around 7:40 to get the girls to school on time and avoid the treacherous parking lot of crazy driving. So I'm ready, girls are ready, few minutes to spare I start directing the girls to the van while going to get Micah to the van. As I am going to pick him up to my horror I discover Micah sitting in a pool of poop with one hand dipped and smearing his seat.....NICE!  My brain starts racing. The girls come running to inquire about what the panic is about. Cara INSTANTLY begins gagging-hand over mouth and runs to barf. Chloe was disgusted and honestly I think she went to hide in the car. I don't remember much of anyone who did not have a bodily fluid issue during that 5 minutes.  I grab the bath seat and start the tub. Cara returns and again INSTANTLY begins the gagging sequence. Next I drag the feeding seat to the bathroom for a "clean" transfer of the poopy child to the tub. AGAIN, Cara returns...REPEAT SEQUENCE.  Now I am rapidly cleaning Micah, telling Cara to get in the van and asking for a diaper to be brought. Cara was now beyond traumatized by 1) the poop, 2) the barfing 3 times, 3) I'm telling her she's going to school and 4) she thinks she is going to now be late. She says, "I can't go to school, I'm throwing up!" I say, "You have to go to school....It smells better!" She then went to the van without any complaining. At that moment I also went to flush what Cara had produced to only discover our toilet was not flushing properly and nothing would actually go down, just twirl...GREAT!

I quickly wrap a soaking wet Micah in a fresh diaper and hustle him off to the van leaving the catastrophic poop to be dealt with later. We are all in the car and in one piece by 7:46, not too bad. Off to school we go I drop the girls off and race home to recover from the nastiness that awaits us. Now Micah has had a great time through this all. Of course he would... he feels much better. He played, air dryed and watched cartoons while I began the clean up. It was at this time I had a moment to breath and realize I had been covered in poop...I had poop on my shoulders! Sooooo gross!

Now we were all cleaned, house was OUSTed, laundry was going and trash was taken out. NOW the actual busy day could resume. This is how it went...

Call to Doctors office to request info.

Call to Home Care to resolve formula issue. Current flavor of formula causes runny poop. Ya, let's get this fixed...TODAY!

Dentist Appointment for Micah-His 5 teeth are doing just fine.

Library-to pick up books

Doctor's office returns call and is working on info we need.

Target to get more bleach to finish clean-up along with a few other things

Missed call from Home Care.

Pick up Chloe from Kindergarten

Call Home Care back and hope to have UNFLAVORED formula soon.

Drop Chloe and Micah off with Mama and Abi so I could go to an appointment. I'm good too.

Pick up Micah and head to Valley Children's for an ENT appointment-This is where he chose to have his next big explosive diaper. In an exam room with no flat surface to change him on. As I was using the chair to change him the doctor walked in and was welcomed by his bare little bottom pointed right at her. She was a bit surprised. Great timing buddy. From the visit we learned Micah is doing well. He WILL NOT need any further surgury for his loud breathing. Everything else looked great.

Went to Medical Records to officially change his name.

Headed home and left the girls to swim with Mama and Papa until later.

Received call from Home Care and  issue will be resolved on Tuesday, which it is! Yay!

Arrived home put Micah down for a nap and crashed myself for a bit.

As the girls were getting ready to come home I received a call from Randy. He was going to need to work late. Okay, grab the boot straps and some caffine here we go.

The girls came home, had dinner and we decided to read til bedtime. As we were reading chapter books Micah was playing on the floor. All of a sudden we heard the next very loud explosive diaper. I IMMEDIATELY jump to intervene in hopes of avoiding a further load of laundry. At the same time Cara says, "I hope he doesn't make me throw up again." and Chloe who is sitting right by me chimes in with,"I think I'm going to throw up ON him." as she catches a whiff of the odor. Oh my the joys of a baby brother.

Micah and I tucked the girls in bed.

Randy returns home safely to play with Micah and to get the toilet to flush the remains of the barfed bowl of cereal from the morning.

What a day this was....definitely memorable....