Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Follow those fingerprints!

Friday morning we woke up and were ready to turn in the initial application to CHI. Randy was on it. He collected everything and went to deliver it. We thought we were doing good and very excited to get things going. Randy arrived to the CHI and this is what happened.

R-"Here's our application." handing it to them.

CHI-"You know we heard about the CCI Director staying with your cousin and we started to put the pieces together. We figured out that the daughter of our Director is with the CCI Director staying at your cousins. Here's a picture of her holding him a couple of days ago."

I am in awe of how amazing God is as I type this.

So then Randy calls me:



Mo-"Okay, what?" bracing myself

Randy told me the story and I cried. More fingerprints that are undeniably God's

A couple of hours later we received an e-mail from CHI and they wanted us to know that a parenting class is required for a completed Home Study and the next one is TOMORROW and next Saturday! Then after that the next one is not until the end of September. Um okay...clear the schedule find we go! Follow those fingerprints!

So now it's about nap time for the girls. We capitalize on the time and Randy starts printing documents, questionnaires, quizzes and many more things. I begin filling out what I'm supposed to fill out. An hour and a half later Randy is finally done printing and can move on to completing forms himself.

After the girls woke up we had to hit the road again. We had a previous appointment set up that just so happened to be very instrumental in helping us move forward with the adoption process. More fingerprints...Amazing!

We now took a break, went out to dinner and enjoyed our girls remaining waking hours. We were also able to chat some more with them about everything going on. It's so neat so see their personalities come through. Our youngest is all about the social aspect of loving and caring for her brother. Our oldest is all about the logistics. What does he eat? How's he getting here? and Where's he sleeping? We answered all their questions and enjoyed our evening.

Once again after they were tucked safely in bed we got to work. We filled out paperwork late into the night until we could hardly see straight. Now off to bed to be fresh for our parenting class TOMORROW. I'm in awe...

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