Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God is in the details

After the initial announcement we needed to find out some important information. Once we all calmed down we moved onto business. This is where we saw God move in an amazing way and we have embraced this as another fingerprint, another confirmation that Samuel was purposed for our family.

Here's how it went:
Us-"So what agency is he with?"

Cousin-"He is registered with Celebrate Children International."

Us-"Okay, so should we just call them and explain the situation."

Cousin-"Actually, the Director of that agency is staying with us right now while she is in the country."

Us-"WHAT! are you serious?"

Cousin-"Ya, I'll go talk to her. This is so exciting! Samuel is Paper ready and Court ready on this side of things. He's ready to be adopted!"

Us-"Obviously that is a God thing."

We were stunned and amazed. As we talked I was writing everything down. As information came up Randy was researching them on the Internet. After a long conversation we wrapped it up. We were going to try to sleep and Joey was going to talk to the Director. Once we woke up we were going to call with the girls so they could talk to their cousins and we could get an update. I think it's funny that we thought we would really sleep. Randy did pretty good. I was pretty much up most of the night. Mind racing, praying, pretending to sleep, and praying some more.

We also asked them to not say anything to family until we e-mailed or called. We wanted to tell everyone ourselves since it was so unexpected. Our cousins were gracious and waited patiently.

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