Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Call

Wednesday, August 12, 2009, I spent the morning trying to reach a cousin in town for the phone information. I was trying to not stalk her or sound too desperate for the information. I was relieved to have the phone set up by midday and antsy to call. Sooo hard to wait. We felt that we should call Ethiopia and tell my cousins first. They had been the ones to pour love and prayers into our little boy and we thought they deserved the news first hand from us. Before we could call we had to attend a birthday party that evening and Randy had a meeting for church. Once again, we met at home, shuffled kids to bed and got set up to call.

The excitement was almost overwhelming. Butterflies returned, shaking hands and cracking voice. We sat on the couch in the living room and started to dial what felt like endless numbers. We had to try a couple of times and finally the call went through. Destiny picked up the phone and it was soooo good to hear her voice. We went through the basic reacquainting, updating and exchanging of information that happens after not really talking for over 2 months voice to voice. We relayed messages and gave updates on families. The kids cycled through saying hellos, I love you's and "horsies" or "hersheys" from the 11 month old. All the while anticipation kept growing. Finally it was time.

We had Joey on the phone as asked him to put us on speaker phone. He was a bit confused it sounded like and we heard him working to find the right button. We then asked if Destiny was right there, she had moved away so we had him find her again and bring her back. Joey again, had no idea what was coming and seemed more curious now. Once they were both there Randy gave them the news.

He said,"There's going to be another cousin!"

They erupted with joy and said,"You're pregnant?!"

He said,"No, we wanted you to know we are pursuing baby Samuel!"


Many fast paced questions followed with us all talking over each other. We got to hear Samuel squawking in the back ground. They gave us updates on how he was doing. They were so relieved, not because he is a burden but because they were having a hard time realizing they may never know what is going to happen with him. Now he is family. He is with his cousins. It was a special moment to share from across the world.

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