Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monday Mania

August 17, 2009: The paper chase
On todays agenda: Kids to school, DMV, Live Scan, Physical, and Passports.

Kids to school- check
DMV- check
Live Scan- check
Physical- check
Passports- check
Sanity.....ok check

What a blessing as there was no one else waiting for Live Scan and Passports. We were in out of of both of those places quick! The Live Scan person remembered doing prints for Monica's cousin for his home study not too long ago before he returned to Ethiopia where he and his wife are missionaries. He is the one currentling caring for the baby we are adopting. It really felt like God has cleared the way for us and all was accomplished before needing to pick up our oldest from school. It was a blessing to accomplish all of this in one day minimizing my time off from work! What a gracious God we have.

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