Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Acrobatic Butterflies and off our hearts went!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009, is here. Oh my, it's here. I had a flurry of feeling going through me. I had be careful to not let it out of the bag, not slip up and cause undue drama among the family or friends. Most of all my stomach felt like it was full of acrobatic butterflies. This was a very long day. I actually had a previous commitment that I needed to fulfill so Randy was going to go to the meeting and relay information back to me, and let me say this was killing me! I so wanted to be there but I needed to follow through. Afternoon came and we got one daughter shuffled off to a "safe friend" who would not ask where we were going and if she did we could tell her because she would not let it out. Our other daughter was conveniently away on a trip with my parents. Score! That's 3 people out of town so I could not slip up with them.

Meeting time came and Randy was there to soak up whatever information he could. He asked questions and learned what the next steps were that we had to take. We then both finished our meetings, met at home, put daughter to bed and then hurried to share information. He had brought home a packet of information that included an application to CHI. We had many questions that needed to be answered and the only way was to call our cousins. Whoa...okay...this means we are telling someone. Now through this whole process Randy said a few times,"I know what the right thing is to do." as he would refer to his times of seeking God's will. He wanted to be responsible and gather information because this is such a huge decision. Our prayer was always for God to make it clear. Having an informational meeting so quickly was another sighting of God's fingerprints to us. So back to making the call. Randy looked at me and said,"I guess this means we are doing this!" Our hearts were gone. We were now tethered to our son in Ethiopia. God is so good!

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