Thursday, August 20, 2009

Team work

Wednesday, yesterday, was a very productive day. We decided that since Randy was off work early it was a perfect day to organize the house. My very generous friend took a day off work and came to help me purge our home. We literally started at one end of the house and began a yard sale pile, trash pile and laundry pile. This is what we did for 9 hours, floors are clear, clutter is tossed, and I can see my kitchen again. We got through most of the house, threw 4 bags of trash and treasures away from the girls rooms and a few more from the rest of the house. My friend is amazing and we are eternally appreciative for her and all that she adds to our family.

Other things accomplished:
Randy's TB test read
4 Birth Certificates purchased
2 Marriage Licenses purchased
CCI Application mailed

Another productive day! Yay!

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