Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surgery and Recovery Update

Today at 12:30pm we were escorted to the surgery prep room. Micah got to ride in a clear bassinet buggy and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. We were met by our friend Melanie who works in the surgery department doing the intake and she was able to be our nurse. It's so comforting to be surrounded by friends. We've also had regular visits from our friend, Sean, who is the hospital teacher. It's truly been a blessing. So once we signed paperwork and met with the nurse and anesthesiologist Micah was good to go. At 1:00pm we parted ways and left him in the hands of the surgery team. The surgery team that you all, from around the world, had and were praying for. We were really relaxed about what was ahead and confident in the seasoned team working on Micah.

Randy and I took advantage of the time to go grab lunch. We were told the surgery should take 1-1/2 hours so we had plenty of time. Regardless, we ate and went right to the waiting room. At 2:15pm Randy said, "They will be finishing up soon, hopefully." and as we looked up the doctor walked in the room and was standing in front of us. It was actually pretty surprising and startled me from my crocheting. He proceeded to tell us that everything went well without any complications. They were also able to take the breathing tube out! Yay! There would be NO need for him to go to the NICU for a short recovery. Now he was just in the regular recovery and we had to wait for him to wake up.

We hung out, chatted with the people near us and got another visit from a dear friend. Our friend does not work here although she could...she was here to have her son's arm set in a cast. It was nice to see another friendly face. After just a few minutes a nurse came out and called for the family of Sidamo (Legal name). He then asked, "How do you say it." and we said, "Micah" which really confused him until we explained. We were very excited that it was only 1-1/2 hours in recovery. When we got to Micah he was on an adult sized gurney waiting by an elevator very calm. When he heard our voices it's like he immediately had to tell us what had just happened to him. He began fussing and I could only imagine what he was saying to us. He quickly calmed down and enjoyed the ride to his room.

Once we were settled he pretty much slept in my arms for an 1-1/2 hours. When the doctor came in to check on us he was showing clear signs of being in pain. She checked his chart and we were able to begin morphine. Once this hit his system he was least for a little bit. We layed him in his bed hoping he could settle in and rest. He then began to startle every 2-4 minutes. Micah is a VERY sensitive little guy, mostly when he is trying to fall to sleep. He is startled by his own snorting along with any other noise that is not ocean waves. This does not mix well with hospital life. 

At this moment, he is resting a little better. We are in the middle of shift change and soon he will get his next dose of morphine. They are also going to secure his IV, hook him up to a heart monitor (just in case) and swaddle him up. Hopefully this will help him relax and get some good sleep. Maybe I will get some too.

Later tonight, he will be started on a pump of Pedialyte to see how he does. If all goes well, he will begin formula tomorrow sometime.

Prayer Requests:
-For pain management. Micah needs some good rest and he needs to stay as calm as possible. Staying calm will help him burn less calories (he needs every one of them) and keep him from injuring his surgery site or IV in his hand.

-That Micah will be able to handle the Pedialyte and not go into wrenching pain. The surgery makes it impossible for him to throw up so there is not much we can do for him if this happens.

-For Randy and I to remain calm if Micah starts to panic in pain. That's the best thing we can do for him and it will be the hardest. Our nurse's son had this same surgery and she was giving us this advice. With this surgery this kind of pain is common and something we need to be prepared for.

-For a peaceful night of sleep for him and for the rest of us. That he will sleep deep and not startle as much or as severe.

-For a quick recovery and for us to absorb all the info on how to care for him at home. We would like to go home by Sunday.

We are so grateful for everyone of you! The prayers, encouragement and support has been so needed and appreciated. Thank you for sharing this journey with us! 


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