Sunday, February 14, 2010

For this child I have prayed

We have been quite busy in the last few weeks. Our little guy is such a blessing. He has managed to have everyone he comes in contact with wrapped around his little finger. His strongest qualities are in his social skills. Once he starts talking to you your heart will be won over as well. The combination of his cute tiny voice, baby belly laughs, BIG chocolate brown eyes, charming smiles and curly hair beginning to grow bring us such joy! We are so blessed.

When we began pursuing Micah we had been at a point where we had a heart for adoption and were waiting on God to show us which way to go. We had no idea what direction we may be going in. Our biggest concern was that whatever it was we would be obedient and not take a step without God's leading. We learned of Micah and began to pray for him to find his forever family to realized 7 weeks later that we were that family. Along the way we learned that Micah was going to have some special needs. The most pronounced issues was cerebral palsy along with some brain issues. God was working loud and clear in our adoption process and confirming every step of the way that we were meant to be his forever family. Our lives were never going to be the same. Our lives were going to be blessed more than we could imagine by this little boy. Once we got home and managed to flip our days and nights back around we began the appointments. We needed to get Micah checked out head to toe and figure out how to help him the best. In the last 30 days we have taken Micah to 14 doctors appointments. These many appointments have multiplied into many more referrals. With each appointment we have learned a little more, one more piece to the puzzle. Micah has been a trouper through it all. The most difficult for him has been the eye doctors. From these appointments we learned that Micah does not have cancer in his eyes! Thank the Lord! We were told this at the first appointment. What we did learn is that he is legally blind but not necessarily permanently blind. There is no guarantee if he will develop more sight but there is a chance. Waiting and development is what will tell...months and years. While we are waiting we know he does see shadows and some light. He loves to be talked to and will often times smile or talk to others as well.

We are blogging so our readers can see how God is going to work in and through Micah. We hope and pray that you will join us in praying for him and are blessed along the way as we have been.

For this child I have prayed.
I Samuel 1:27

Over the last week we have seen a decline in his eating and his weight. Micah does not have any room to lose any amount of weight. This lead to a couple more appointments and several conversations with the doctors. What has now been decided is that Monday morning Micah will be admitted to Valley Children's Hospital. He is going to undergo a massive amount of testing by doctors from almost every department in the hospital. He will also probably have surgery where a couple of different things will be done. We do not know exactly how long we will be there but close to a week is probably accurate. During this time your prayers are coveted. We have never had a child in the hospital before. This is new territory for us. Our biggest request is that the doctors will have wisdom to clearly see all that is going on in Micah's little body. The next request would be for our family to be strengthened through this process. We clearly see that this is absolutely necessary and essential to his development. This process is still going to be difficult to see him have to go through it all. We are not looking forward to seeing him hooked up to all the hospital gear. At this point we are weary and ready for more progress.

We invite you to join us along our journey of seeing God's hand. For Micah to be at this point already is a miracle in itself. We are excited to see the plans God has for him and blessed to be on this ride as well. We want you to be able to say,
"For this child I have prayed!"
Please join us!