Friday, February 19, 2010

Micah gets to eat!

Today....Friday.....Day 4....was the third day in a row where Micah has had to not eat after midnight. We are thankful for the resources to test Micah and figure him out. At the same time we are thinking, "He's here because he is not getting enough food in him, so let's starve him day after day?" We totally understand the need for the fasting it's just hard to do this three days in a row. It's difficult to see your childs best qualities disintegrate before your eyes and not be able to do anything about it. Overall, we have been very happy with the customer service aspect of our stay in regards to the nurses, doctors and specialists. The frustrating part is the time it takes to "process" the order from the doctor and the difficulty of coordinating the services to actually happen.

Today we finally got the MRI done, which required a HUGE amount of coordinating and scheduling. As we were waiting our turn it was taking a pretty long time, when a nurse came in and explained that the MRI machine had broken down and they had to fix and reboot it. We are thankful that it was able to be fixed and we only waited 1-1/2 hours instead of not getting it at all.

Yesterday, he had his scope of his breath way. This came back showing that there is an area that is under developed, which causes the noises he makes and can be a cause of his symptoms. We are waiting for more information before we consider any surgery options with this.

The next two day Micah actually gets to eat! Yay! Let's fatten him up! He is already much happier since being fed for the last 6 hours. This weekend should be smoother. We should also learn something from the MRI on Saturday. All the various doctors and specialists are waiting for this information. I'm sure come Monday we will be back to information overload once they all see the results.

Monday, he is having another test so he will be back to fasting for that. Hopefully, he will handle it better after the food all weekend. This should be the final test that requires fasting. Pray it's the last test! They are trying to minimize the fasting required believe it or not.

Prayer Request:
-Health for all who come in contact with Micah and our family. We've had a close call with Randy and I not feeling great at the same time. We pulled in all our family and friend resources and made it through. The thought of neither of us being able to be there was disturbing.

-For the kids at the hospital who do not have anyone there with them. We are blessed to be able to always have one of us there. There are many infants and kids who don't have anyone. I can see how if Micah were a bit less needy I would be adopting other kids while there. It's just not right to be alone...especially if you can't clearly communicate.

-For healing of Micah's body from the tip of the curls on his head to the souls of his feet.
If there is a deficiency we pray that God will supply
If there is a empty spot we pray it be filled
If there is under development we pray it grow 
If there is a miracle that we will make God's miraculous healing known to all.

-For wisdom and understanding for the those involved in his care, especially in regards to pain. There are several issues that could be causing Micah bouts of pain and we are all trying to chip away at the list to relieve this.

-For scheduling of procedures for this next week. We would like to avoid having to be released for a day or two to have to come back for another few days stay.

-For rest for Randy and I. We are alternating nights at the hospital.

-For us having to tear our house apart by Monday night for construction to be done this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. More on this tomorrow. It's another post all of it's own. God is funny and His timing is perfect.

-Whatever else you feel lead to pray for is welcomed.

Good Night!

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