Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our first day of staycation

Monday morning we were up early, showered, dressed, car packed and waiting for the call from our doctor by 8am. We were ready to get this show on the road and get him the help he needs. Before we knew it 9am was here and we were now anxiously waiting the call. The girls had a play date so we dropped them off with the cell phone near by. At 9:30 we got a call...as we listened we were a bit discouraged. We were on a waiting list to be admitted, so much for an Urgent Admit for urgent issues. So we were now waiting for another call to go to the hospital. We regrouped and tried to not do anything that required a commitment in hopes that call would come soon. We went through our day trying to just get things done...dishes, laundry, picking up, resting and a fair amount of Wii time with the girls. Every time the phone rang the girls would ask if that was "the call".

By late afternoon, we were antsy. Due to RSV season the hospital is booked and there was a chance that we would have to wait til Tuesday. With dinner time approaching, Micah napping and a call pending it was time to fire up the oven and break out the frozen food for the dinner we had not planned to have at home. As frustrated as we were this was one of the best dinners our girls had eaten in a very long time. Our girls eat they just truly don't like the same food. They actually like opposite foods which can make it difficult to prepare a dinner. All this to say I was happy that everyone enjoyed a good dinner. Just as we were finishing up dinner and discussing the list of things we needed to do since we were still home, Randy was planning to go to work if we were still home on Tuesday morning.

The phone rang....
It was THE CALL!

We all went into high gear. The girls gathered their things, we gathered the last of ours and off we went! We dropped the girls off at the grandparents on the way and headed straight to the hospital.

We were admitted pretty quickly and taken to our room. We have a conveniently located room on a corner next to the nurses station. Our room also has a little extra space due to an equipment room that is attached. Once we were settled they came and did all the basics. The residents came in and collected all their information. Then the IV guys came and took him to the treatment room for his IV placement. Micah does not like to be held down for anything whether it is head measuring, temp taking or IV placement. He was MAD! The procedure went well and his left arm is now taken over by IV stuff. He's learning to adjust. He then fell asleep and we settled in as well. Our night was awesome! He slept from 11ish to 8ish this morning, which means we did as well. Woo Hoo!

We are now waiting as all the many tests, procedures, therapists and doctors are lined up. Micah is sleeping and we are trying to enjoy or forced staycation.

More will come later.