Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Day-Post Op

Last night Micah did as well as he probably could of. Babies are a mystery to begin with and Micah has a few more factors that contribute to the mystery. Most of the fussing he is doing subsides easily with some reassurace. There are the times he is clearly in pain as well. The nurses have been very good about working to keep him comfortable. He is on a regular dose of pain meds that are working pretty well. It also appears that he is having pain from gas in his stomach from surgery and the fussing he has done.

There's also the basic fact that Micah does not like to be messed with. If he wants to sleep then he does not want to be disturbed. Obviously he is adapting to hospital life. Once the doctors and nurses stop touching him he usually calms down goes to sleep. As for all the noises of a hospital.That's another story. The doctor agreed that purple chickens can sing (Thank you Honey...gee I can't even go to the bathroom) to hook him up to the heart monitor sensors but to not plug them in unless he needs monitoring. The heart monitor constantly makes noise that would startle him over and over. So far so good. His oxygen levels have been fine so no need for the heart monitor. This leaves us with only 3 pumps that are fairly predictable as to when they will go off and we have learned how to silence them. Last night, was also the loudest night I have heard in the hospital. They admitted 9 new kids, which means 9 new IV placements and 9 new blood draws and many sets of vitals, etc. We heard A LOT of crying, yelling and screaming. Micah chimed in on occasion and I prayed A LOT for those traumatized kids and their adults. 

Today has been much more calm. Micah is resting better. He has tolerated the Pedialyte so they will begin his formula soon. I'm sure he will feel better having some food in his tummy. We are hanging out waiting to learn whatever we need to and praying we will get out of here by Sunday if not earlier.

As new info comes or things change we will update you.   

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