Saturday, February 20, 2010

Construction begins Tuesday

In our last post I wrote about having to tear our house apart for construction on Tuesday. Here's what's going on. Our home is in the flight path of the airport. In order for our airport to become international they have to sound proof houses within a certain area. We are in that area. Our home has been on a list for 6-1/2 years and as funding is available they work down the list doing blocks of about 60 houses at a time. We have been working through the final stages of the process for about a year and a half. Three weeks ago we got the call that our windows are in and they want to schedule installation. We knew this was coming at some point before March. Now when we got this call my first thoughts were 'after 6-1/2 years, NOW...we have a newly adopted baby from across the world with health issues, we have to move all furniture 3-4 feet away from every window, take down all window fixtures, remove everything from our wall and secure all fragile knick knacks. Nice. I can hardly go to the bathroom or make dinner in a day.' this is overwhelming. Then we sucked it up, believed God knew what He was doing and scheduled the first set of dates. These dates fell on President's weekend. They soon figured out the holiday was going to be a problem. Thankfully they had to reschedule because that is the day we were admitted to the hospital. Our dates were now moved to this Tuesday and Wednesday. This seems like a bit much considering we are still in the hospital, however, it's actually more perfect than we could of ever planned.

Here's God's perfect timing:
-Micah will be in a safe place, where it is easy for us to care for. If we weren't here we would be moving him to my parents or he would be with me at the house while the craziness is going on.
-Randy will be off work so he can be available to work with the construction company while I can be with Micah. Randy can also get the girls to school.
-Micah will come home to a more comfortable room.
-We will be discharged from the hospital with gear and home health care so now we don't have to set up at one location and move to another for construction.

The schedule:
-Monday Tuesday at 8am are window installation.
-Monday Tuesday night we can move stuff back.
-Tuesday Wednesday at 8am are door installation.
-The next week we have insulation blown and the final walk through.

Now in order for this to happen we could use some help. We are looking for some assistance with moving things around. Randy can move things to a certain extent but has to be careful due to hernias. My back can not handle moving heavy things. We have moved some things, taken down window treatments to a point and tried to tidy some things us. We just really need help with the final push of prepping. If you are available to help us on Sunday or Monday we would greatly appreciate it. We will also need some help on Monday night putting the big stuff back. If you are able to help please facebook us, email us or call us. We will figure out what the current need is and coordinate.

Our e-mails are:

Thank You so much!

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