Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bring it on!

Tuesday was a full day of everyone doing their exams and assessments to decide where to begin. Here's a rundown of the basics.

Micah was seen by:
The Occupational Therapist-twice
The Nutritionist
The Neurologist
The Gastro Intestinal Dr.
The Hospitalist-Dr. overseeing all his care while here
The Blood draw guy
and three visitors

All of these specialists made their initial recommendations and we are now waiting on an MRI to proceed. The MRI is complicated to schedule because the ENT needs to do an in depth scope of his esophagus to fully clear him for an MRI. This way they only have to put him under once. Hopefully this will work out this way.

Later in the evening they installed a feeding tube through his nose. This will be used to supplement what he takes by mouth. He then slept through the night and so did Randy.

Today, Wednesday, we are working out all the kinks in the feeding tube process. As he was being put back in bed the tube caught in the side of the bed and pulled out. No one was happy about this. They then put another one back in. When we went to feed him it took a VERY long time. They have now decided to put in a larger tube. This will be good for feeding but hard on Micah emotionally (and us too).

Pray for the MRI to get scheduled, the feeding to go smooth and the evening to be a peaceful one.