Sunday, October 4, 2009

We got our home study! and Catching up

Okay, so this is a little late but none the less exciting! On September 30, 2009 we received our completed and signed home study! Yippee! and of course there is a great story of God's fingerprints all over it.

On September 28th we were able to finish paying for our home study with the money raised from the Yard Sale. Our agency then contacted our social worker to see when she could come and sign it with a notary. She did not have any plans to be in Fresno last week so the agency mailed it to her on Monday and she would take care of it where she was at. I had called to check in and learned of the need for it to be mailed, no big deal, just trying to plan our trip to Sacramento. We also learned that our social worker should get it Thursday, would have it signed, notarized and connect with Randy to deliver it. On Thursday we had our travel shots scheduled so Randy was going to only work a half day. This obviously could be cutting it close to coordinate if the mail came late and then coordinating the other factors of getting it signed and notarized. So I e-mailed our Social worker to let her know the schedule changes we had and that if we needed to drive and get it on Friday then we would. I also let her know that I would pray for early mail and I did. That afternoon I checked my e-mail and this is what I found:

"Girl…God is just working overtime for you! I just checked my mail (early) and the packet got here in one day and before my mail is usually delivered!!"

Ummm....Woo Hoo! That is more than I even expected. I was praying for early mail on Thursday! Randy came home with the home studies on Wednesday night! We then went out to celebrate by trying a new frozen yogurt place. Yummy!

Thursday afternoon we both got our travel shots...5 shots each and picked up 2 prescriptions each as well. We should be covered. Our biggest prayer was that we would not get sick from them. There is too much to do and even if one of us went down it would be bad let alone both of us. Praise God! Neither of us got sick. A BIG relief for us. We are feeling so blessed.