Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Immigration fingerprints and adoption hangover

This morning we went out to get our fingerprints. It went very smooth and we were the first to be seen for fingerprints. As we sat there we realized just how tired we were and decided that we were experiencing "Adoption Hangover". Everything has moved so fast and has been so intense we are lagging.

We are very tired. Randy is on-call this week and I feel like it's a week of every extra thing you can imagine. From school pictures, a wedding cake due this weekend, tons of financial assistance paperwork to complete and submit, mountains of laundry to catch up on, helping my parents, grocery shopping, delivering borrowed items, meeting to finish the last bible study lesson, you name it, I feel like it's on our plate this week. We are exhausted! Please pray for us to be able to get a bit of rest.