Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Immigration Miracles

Today I received a call from Immigration. They had a question about our form and wanted to clarify some information. I was so excited about this because this meant a real live breathing person was processing our paperwork and it was not sitting in a "To-Do" pile on a desk. Praise God! So I immediately confirmed the correct information and e-mailed her back. I was appreciative in my response but did not want to be overly pushy about a timeline of when we could expect this coveted piece of paper. To my surprise she e-mailed back promptly that our paperwork was complete, copies were being sent to the correct people and our copy was put in the mail today! TODAY! Our coveted piece of paper is on it's way to US! Yay God!

While I was researching our answer I was talking to our Fresno Agency, CHI. The wonderful lady I was speaking with informed me of another "God Thing" that I may not realize. Right after, literally a day or two, she mailed our home study to the Fresno Immigration Office the rules changed. Now instead of mailing I-600 forms to the local office all forms must be sent to Texas and then sent back to the local office. This can add a decent amount of time the processing. Fortunately our paperwork was started and our home study was received just fine. CHI then learned that there was a 30 day grace period so we were covered. That however also confirmed God's fingerprints all over this adoption timeline. If we had not made schedule changes to accommodate our home study visits or moved quickly on the other paperwork we could of easily, EASILY missed the 30 day grace period.

So far the news today has left us in awe the most. First to see all our hard work and pushing through really did pay off. Second, we have the coveted I-171H on it's way to us. This is the last legal document we are waiting on. We can go as fast as Ethiopian Courts want us to. Wow! It's a surreal feeling to have that hurdle completed. We are closer than ever.

This week Ethiopian courts opened back up for business. Many families are waiting to hear the status of their cases. Pray that the courts will get going and start issuing court dates to all of us.