Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The news...

As we sat there I had just downed 2 cups of coffee when Josh called us.

**Disclaimer**Everything is okay, everything is going to be alright, I am not going to give details for confidentiality reasons. Please take the info for what it is and keep us all in your prayers. I'm including this info to show how God can orchestrate every detail of our day and so many people all for His good.

As I answered the phone I thought it would be weird to be getting a call from Josh on his and Stephanie's Anniversary. I then answered and this is how it went:

Me: "Hello"
Josh: "Has dad called you?"
Me: "No, what's going on?!"
Josh: "He had to take mom to the hospital per doctors orders" Mom is now home and much better.

Okay, now this is not the call you ever want to get. I took a deep breath and collected more details. As we were talking our food came. We were reassured that Josh and Steph were going to pick up our youngest from school and we should be home in time to pick up our oldest. FedExing our dossier was going to have to wait until we got back to Fresno.

As we drove back home I was able to work on various adoption papers and organize some things to be FedExed that afternoon. It was very productive and we were home by 12:30pm. Amazing.

Now for the fingerprints of the day. Here's a timeline per say of the events and how we could see God all over without a doubt.

-Originally my cousin was going to watch the girls. She was sick so we needed to find a plan B.
-Dad chose to stay home to help us and be home with my mom.
-Dad got girls off to school without incident and went home.
-Once home he called the Dr. and was instructed to get mom to the hospital. This had to happen by medical transport. Thankfully he was home, it happened early in the day so the girls did not witness this.
-Josh and Steph just happened to be off and was able to pick up our youngest.
-Our paperwork was done in under 10 minutes so we could leave quickly and head home.

Now, I had sent out a quick e-mail with a few prayer requests for this day. One of which was to pray for our immigration paperwork to move quickly.

-We arrived home, got our mail and inside the mail was a letter from the Immigration office. WHAT! This is starting to feel like our own family version of The Amazing Race. The next clue was the letter with our appointment for our fingerprints. We then read that the office would not be open until Tuesday, today. Do you realize this is totally an answer to many of your prayers for us! So cool.

-Randy then picked up our oldest from school while I finished collecting and organizing adoption papers to be mailed.

Next Randy camped out at a local FedEx Kinkos and copied, organized, stapled and shipped our Dossier out to DC and additional paperwork to Florida. Again, WHEW! It's done. DONE! God is so good to show us his fingerprints in all of this Awesome, uncertain and crazy events of the day.