Friday, January 1, 2010

Just a Bit of an Update

When the Coombs last sent me something to post, they wanted me to let you know that they have much to say, but yet are limited in that ability to communicate due to lack of time and resources. My understanding is that their internet connection is dial-up and there are often random power outages. Thus said, they will probably post more of their experience in Ethiopia once they get home. That may also be why they have not sent any pictures. I'm with you...I want to see that sweet little thing, but I am positive they will post those pics as soon as they can!

However, rest assured that they are safe and doing well. They mentioned that Micah is adorable, curious and very social. He definately knows they are his. He's making good eye contact at times. He's nuzzling in and enjoying being peaceful.

One thing you can pray for is that he seems to have some intestinal issues and has had one bad night (at least as of that writing) since they've been there. Pray for them to learn how to comfort him, that they would find a solution to his intestinal issues and that God would give them wisdom when they return home as they work with doctors to resolve it.

One more tidbit, he is still a little peanut. They are thinking that he probably weighs in at about 10lbs. and is 24" long.

The Coombs are enjoying their time with Micah and are appreciative of the gift of time they have to bond with him before bringing him home. What a treasure to be able to experience the region he is from and to learn about him and his care alongside those who have been caring for him until he could meet his forever family. The Coombs will be home soon and can't wait for you to meet their newest member of their family!

- Nates5bs