Friday, September 18, 2009

Very productive and exciting day!

Today was the day! Today Randy and I took all the papers from our paper chase to be notarized. We packed up our box of paper and headed off. For about an hour and a half we signed, initialed, dratted (sp?), and fingerprinted our way through every paper. We are so blessed that our church supports adoption by providing notary services. We have figured out that if we had to pay for notary service it would of costs us $800-$1200 up to this point. Wow! God is so good! Once we were done with our notary friend we headed to copy and fax all the info. Randy, the paper master, got all our paper in order, copied it 4 times and then faxed the 100 pages to our agency in Florida. Whew! What a task. He did a great job keeping everything organized.

When we got our mail today we had a surprise. It felt like the reward at the end of all the hard work this morning. To our surprise we received our Passports! Yay! A bonus was also that we received our birth certificates back. We did not realize these would be coming back to us so that was exciting too. We then went and checked e-mail and the Director of our Florida agency said that the papers we faxed looked good! Yay! Whew!

We are getting closer everyday to our son! We are so excited and can hardly wait. The girls are continuing to incorporate him into our everyday life. Our youngest, Miss Creative, has quite the craft box started of all the projects she has made for him. Our oldest, Miss Logistic, is talking about what he will and will not be capable of doing when he gets here. He is so much a part of our day already. It's really cool to see how God has gone before us and is prepping the girls. Even to the point of the content of Saturday morning cartoons. This last week two of the cartoons had adoption and special needs themes in them. Randy and I were standing there watching the shows and looking at each other thinking, "This is so cool!" It is so exciting to see how God is moving before us everyday in this process.