Monday, September 21, 2009

Most AWESOME Social Worker!

I want to tell you all that we have the most AWESOME Social Worker through our Fresno agency, Chrysalis House, Inc. She is writing our home study for us. She has done a great job. We were able to get all our visits done in a 10 day period. Then she cranked out our report and we received a rough draft a WEEK later....yes, 7 days later. Sooo quick and thorough. The report looked wonderful first time around, at least to us it did. There may be changes as far as structure and technical things but first time around was really good. We may even have it done this week. Who knows! It's all going so fast. We are very pleased. We highly recommend Chrysalis House and love our Social Worker. We would appreciate your prayers for her and her families health as if they get sick it directly affects her ability to work in general. Thank you sooo much!