Friday, May 14, 2010

Day of Stimulation

Today was quite a day! Micah started his day bright and early at the Pediatrician for his one year check-up. He is now weighing in at 15 lbs 3 oz. and is 26-1/4 inches long. Micah did well and him and daddy were home just in time for him to get a nap.

Soon after nap Micah got all spiffied up along with the rest of the family in our most patriotic colored clothing. Today was his re-adopt court date. He is now officially Micah Paul Coombs and is a US citizen! Woo Hoo! He did very well the whole time. There were no instances of foul gas, blow outs, crying or anything else embarrassing.

To celebrate Micah's new status we had an ice cream sundae "After Party" with family and close friends. At this point Micah was wasted and fussy, so once everyone saw him he went off to bed promptly. Now, you would think he would actually sleep. He stalled his rest time not realizing how much he was going to wish he had just fallen asleep. He layed in bed for a good hour and a half just talking to his fish tank and then his blankets. He jibber jabbed most of his naptime away.

Late in the afternoon our friends stopped by to be a part of the celebration. Micah was still awake so we brought him out to say Hi since he wasn't sleeping anyway. Then again, he turned on the fussiness and we returned him to his nap. This time he did sleep, thankfully.

Micah's next and final event of the day was to experience a birthday party at Chuck &. Cheese for a family member. Going into this I was wondering how he was going to take all of this. Talk about sensory overload. Again Micah had a variety of people to meet who were enamored with him and enjoying his sweet dispositon. He faired it all well. He never really got fussy or grumpy. As long as one of us was holding him he was all good. Weather it be cuddling with mommy or cruising with daddy, Micah was enjoying the sights and sounds. When the "show" would start and the lights would start flashing, flipping and turning that is all he wanted to see. He was glued and mesmerized with all he was experiencing.

We were very impressed with how well he did. If we did this day, with either of our other girls at his age, they would not of made it 45 minutes. Micah did extemely well the entire time. As we headed home it was cute to hear Micah talking from the back seat. He had been relatively quiet at the party. Now that there was little competiion he was ready to chat.

Micah rounded out his day with some floor time. As he hung out kicking and stretching his sister enjoyed tickling his tummy and daddy found a new tickle spot on the top of his head. Once his head hit the pillow he was out like a light, not a peep of any sort.

He is such a joy and blessing to have as a part of our family. His personality is so addictive. He can tie anyone around his finger in a matter of seconds. I can not imagine our lives without him.We are all enjoying him in so many ways.

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