Friday, May 14, 2010


Court went well today. We did not know what to expect. Everything was very relaxed and easy going. We met family and friends at the courthouse after lunchtime. We all congregated in the hallway waiting to be called. Our case was the first one after lunch so that was encouraging. You never really know when a baby is going to expire when they are experiencing new surroundings.

I just love how Micah gazes up at  his Daddy!

The Bailiff came out right on time to call our crew in to the court room. Everyone filed in and found a seat. Within a few minutes we were asked to come and sit at a table and the kids, or whoever else was able to enjoy the jury box if they chose. Of course all the kids took advantage of this special seating.

Once everyone was settled  the Judge began. He went through a variety of formalities and them we were sworn in. The Judge then proceeded to ask us several questions basically confirming that we promise to take care of Micah in every possible way and that we are committed to being his forever family. Now in the midst of this, Micah decided to mix things up a bit. He was probably wondering why everything was so serious and thought a game of peek-a-boo was in order. His version of peek-a-boo is to throw his head back so we can kiss it, then he pulls it up and throws it back again almost instantly. So the game began in an attempt to keep him happy. Micah won the hearts of the Judge and theother court people who could see his smile and hear his talking.

Before we knew it we were done! It was really very fast. We shook the Judges hand and it was done. Now it was picture time.

Our family headed up to the Judges seat to take a family picture.
We then waited around for a few minutes waiting for the official stamped to be brought to us. Before we knew it we had six copies of official paperwork confirming all that had just took place. Now we can take this paperwork and have Micah's name changes officially from Sidamo Randy Coombs to Micah Paul Coombs. This is really a surreal feeling to realize the great significance of this day. Micah has a world of possibilities ahead of him. I'm so excited to see all that God is going to make him into.

Next...The After Party! I scream....You scream....We all scream.....for Ice Cream!

More pictures will be posted soon!


Kristin said...

Tears of joy!!! I too am excited to see and follow Micah and your family on this journey, thank you for sharing it!

Trudy said...

Congratulations Monica and Randy. What a beautiful blessed boy!

scrappy quilter said...

This just brings tears of joy to me too. How exciting.