Sunday, April 25, 2010

Much to be Thankful for...

The last 9 months our lives have litereally been a whirlwind. I'm still waiting to land. It has been very interesting to watch God move in our lives and Micah's adoption. We have been learning to cling to the Lord in ways we never imagined and watch our world be rocked in every way.
As I look back it is abundantly clear how the Lord has directed our every step and given us what we need for the moment. Our job has been to be obedient and continue to move forward at whatever pace He lays before us.

The last few weeks have sure had there challenges regarding Micah's health.

As I look at them and how hard it has been I can see why the Lord moved us through the process so fast we could not fully research all the aspects of Micah's issues. Issues we could only speculate and guess about until he was home anyway. There would of been many opportunities for fear and doubt to creep in, which could of completely destroyed this awesome plan, our destiny, to be Micah's forever family.

It is abundantly clear that our job will continue to be obedient and rely on the Lord for what we need in the moment, day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute.

Micah is doing better. Today was a good day for him. Our happy baby is coming back more and more each day. There are still GI issues to be resolved but we are making progress. As we assessed and peeled away issues we also discovered he has a bit of a cold/allergies that are causing some sinus drainage/congestion. It's hard to tell if he is congested because he always sounds congested due to his underdeveloped airway. We've had two decent nights of sleep and are feeling a bit more human. Praise the Lord!

We have also been trying to figure out how to get a break, some respite, from the intensity of Micah's care. We are thankful for a couple of very trusted families who have offered to learn how to care for Micah. This will still take time before we will be able to go on a date, but it's progress. Half the battle, the hardest half, is finding someone you trust. Now it's building trust between Micah and them and teaching them the in's and out's of how the g-tube works.

I'd also like to give an update on the Crazy Love Party we took part in, you can read more here and here. We are humbled and so very thankful for those of you who have sent us some Crazy Love. We greatly appreciate you all and the part you are playing in Micah's story. There's also a Crazy Love Challenge #2 that you can find here. This is an opportunity to pray for other people's needs and send another kind of Crazy Love. When this challenge was posted we were in the thick of medical issues and needed all the prayer we could get. We posted ours list here and believed it could only get better. Now that we are coming up for air I am looking forward to reading more of these requests and praying for these needs of fellow bloggy friends. There is always room for more prayer and I encourage you to also check out these needs and add a few to your prayer list as well.

We are so thankful that God grabbed our lives as we knew them and shook them up to fit His perfect plan...a plan we never expected and could not imagine living without.


Rebecca said...

I am not sure what state you are in put most states have medicaid waiver programs. Those programs provide respite care by a nurse. Something to look into if you have not.

Our adoption stories are very similar. We are so blessed that God orchestrated the adoption of our sweet Jacob.

scrappy quilter said...

It's so good to read this post this morning and hear your little man is improving. Hope respite works out for you. It was a welcome relief for us when our 3 were little. Hugs

Susan A said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are a little better today, praise Yah :) I've just prayed asking our Father to make everything work out smoothly for Micah, that all his specialists will be given wisdom (and team work), and that his little body will be healed and given strength. Also that you and your family may have peace and grow to be a healthy, peaceful family :)

From all of us with love said...

Thank you so much for the update on Micah. I am continuing to pray for your family. Thank you for sharing what God is doing in answer to the prayers.

Chandra said...

Praying for that beautiful little Micah!