Sunday, March 7, 2010

Transitioning-March 2nd

Here we go…the day we have been waiting for…discharge day! We are sooo ready to be home as a family. The hospital room has been tidied up, personal belongings prepped to go home. There are many changes ahead in the coming days and we are ready for them regardless of how simple or hard some may be. As we leave the hospital we will be leaving our constant connection to Facebook, cable and other media behind. Of course we will still enjoy our media but we won’t need it as a way to survive hospital life. Micah will have to transition from cushy Swaddler diapers to the reality of Target diapers again. This is not a habit we are able to continue. As for the bigger changes, our family will finally be reunited after 15 days of split parenting. We will all get reacquainted as a family of 5 again. This time Micah will be different…probably more enjoyable for the girls to be around. His needs will also be different and will take adjusting to for everyone. We will also be welcoming home a new category of household items. All of Micah’s medical gear and appointments with the Home Health nurse as well. We will need to get organized…Ha!...we will need to push stuff out of the way and make a “home” for the variety of tubing, supplies and medicines. I love to be organized but it’s difficult for me to actually get organized to begin with. Maybe God will have mercy on me and allow me to have the time and focus necessary to do such a thing. I am anticipating the most difficult transition for me will be the reality that Randy has to work. He has not had to work a full work week since December 23rd. He will be home this next week as we transition but it will still be hard when reality hits. I have grown accustom to having my best friend, team mate, confidant close by for over 2 months. We have problem solved and worked through so much, there’s no easy way to wean that kind of involvement. Next Monday, I will pull up the boot straps, jump in, pray for grace and hope to get meals on the table at appropriate times. We have been so blessed that Randy has been able to take so much time off. God has been so faithful through the ups and downs.

I am excited to share all the details of life as a family…meals together, Wii playing, book reading, crafting, cooking, baking, homework, wrestling, singing, pretending, picking up, dropping off, chores, kisses and hugs all surrounded by lots of love.

Here we go…

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