Friday, December 25, 2009

Our biggest Christmas gift of all...

Here we are...Christmas afternoon...
We've had a pleasant day of celebrating Jesus' birth with family and friends.
My mom is home from the hospital.
Gifts are opened, wrestled from their packages and have fresh batteries.
Lots of yummy food has been consumed.
Now on to the next phase...
Packing the last suitcase and carry-ons
Cleaning up the house
Enjoying the girls
Loading the car
Passing the information and keys over to the Grandparents
Kissing sweet cheeks
Heading on the adventure of a lifetime
Realizing none of us individually or as a family will ever be the same again
Looking forward to what God has in the works for all of us.
Your prayers are appreciated for health, safety and protection for all.
There's so much to pray for, so pray as you feel lead.
Our friend will be blog sitting so hopefully we can get updates posted.
Thank you all for the part you played in bring Micah home.