Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where have we been?

When summer arrived we were greatly anticipating a more relaxed schedule. After all, isn't that what summer is about? We all really needed some R&R since the last year has been so intense. Our summer was filled with fun activities and swim date. Micah's appointments slowed down to only 2-3 a week. I was feeling like I needed a break from blogging, however never intended it to be this long. It seemed like summer flew by and before we knew it we were prepping to go back to school, including Micah. Yikes! As that transition was happening I was just trying to make sure everyone got to where they needed to go with what they needed. Along the way we also started to receive appointments in the mail. I just continued to plug the appointments in the calendar and make sure I got to where Micah and I needed to go. About half way through September I realized that in September we are blessed to have the resources to get to attend 19 appointments in 22 business days. Holy Cow! From that point on I decided that it's okay if I feel a bit overwhelmed in September. That's reality. Looking ahead into October and November we should only have 10-12 a month...YES! We are so blessed in so many ways! Micah continually is a blessing to us daily. His smile penetrates straight to people's hearts. He is truly captivating to play with, he just pulls you in and you don't want to do anything else but soak in his joy!

 In the days and weeks to come I have a lot to share about the last few months and some things coming so stay tuned.....

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