Friday, November 13, 2009

Micah's Grandma is home...Keep Praying!

Today Micah's Grandma, Marilyn, came home from the hospital after 11 long days. Coming home is a relief and comes with a HUGE amount of new responsibilities for the family. For the next 4-6 weeks she will be fed by IV for 14 hours a day. She is also receiving 3 other medications by IV as well. We met with the home health nurse today and everything is getting set up. The nurse has said that the amount of medications she is on is beyond what they do in home health care. Usually this amount of medication is given only at the hospital. This translates to us, the family, having a HUGE responsibility in administering the meds at the varying times throughout the day and night. To be honest, we are all overwhelmed by the everything. The new language we are learning, the emotional support that is needed, the physical needs, the large quantity of's A LOT.

Please pray:
-For us all to be able to absorb these instructions and be accurate
-For Marilyn to be encouraged
-For Paul, Marilyn's husband, to be peaceful and encouraged
-For healing
-For the scheduling of everything
-For anything else you feel lead to pray for...

We greatly appreciate your prayers and support. There is no way we could make it without all of you.